I studied drawing and painting at Sunderland College of Art - and followed a career in Graphic Design/Advertising, culminating in running a team of Designers in Lancaster as senior founding partner of R&H Design.

Since I owned and ran a successful Graphic Design business for most of my working life, the processes used in my professional work have influenced the way I process and interpret what I see when I paint. I am very conscious of selecting subjects that have a strong composition/structure. It may also be noticeable that I favour for my landscapes a very high horizon - or indeed no sky at all - and will often interpret areas in a simple composition in great detail in a flat graphic style. I always feel it necessary to paint in series - so what starts out as a single idea or image - may well end up as a collection of eight to twelve paintings.

I live in Burton-in-Lonsdale - bordering North Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. The western edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park is about five miles East and The Lake District National Park twenty miles due North - how lucky is that!

I have always had a passion for the Great Outdoors - from rock climbing in the Lakes and on the more challenging local Limestone to winter ice climbing in Scotland - so it’s no surprise that the hills still influence my life. Living in the limestone area of the Three Peaks is reason enough to want to record the landscape - so that’s my mission - to paint (for my own enjoyment) what I see when wandering alone in the landscape.